It is unbelievable (Swansea 2, Leicester 0)

The third part act of the greatest story ever told is almost upon us.

An astonishing escape from relegation, a miraculous championship, and a remarkable relegation?

Leicester were well beaten by Swansea and Raniera struggled to maintain a consistent line after the match.

Luck was his dominant theme. “It is unbelievable – their first two shots on goal and we concede two goals”. After this it is “very difficult to come back”.


Ranieri then goes with the interviewers attempt to widen the discussion and picks out the two problems facing his team; “we concede goals and we don’t score”.

Don’t worry though, “we will stick together to find a solution”.

The battle is difficult though when “you lose the first ball, the second ball, they were more determined than us”.

These are damning criticisms of a team asked to restart its season in this match. Winning the ball has nothing to do with luck.

For Raniera, however, “they need a little luck to move our confidence”. It will just take “one moment”.

Swansea – and the other relegation candidates – will be pleased that moment still seems some way off.

Leadership communication lesson

Any team wants clear communication. If your arguments contradict each other, you will put yourself in a difficult position. If luck is the problem, you want your team to maintain confidence in the quality of its work. If the quality of its work is the problem, you want your team to solve the problem immediately. Talking about luck provides an excuse for inaction that could prove fatal.






Author: Andrew Ball

Andrew works for a global professional services company supporting business leaders with their communications. He watches as much sport as his wife and three children will allow.

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