It is not enough (Leicester 3, Liverpool 1)

A chastening night for Liverpool and for Klopp.

The best contribution from a Liverpool player was Carragher’s joke that the only thing the players practiced during their trip to La Manga was their drinking.

For Klopp, “It is not enough, for sure it is not enough, it is not even close to being enough”.

This emphasis builds nicely to the simplicity of his answer to the problem, “so we have to work”.


His criticism of the team is based on the gap between this performance and past performances.

A nice technique that has the effect of supporting his confidence and that of his team’s, while still allowing for a critique.

“It is hard to see what we usually do, and then to see this performance” and “We can play much better football and we have shown it already”.

Klopp then focuses on the future.

“We have a week to prepare and we have to show a reaction.” “You have to analyse, you have to show the boys and you have to react to it”.

“We all play for our future – we don’t want to make it too serious, but that is how it is”.

Leadership communication lesson

Controlling the tense of an interview is the best way to control its direction. When you are uncomfortable about something in the past, switching to the future tense is a good idea. It allows you to acknowledge the problem, but to focus on the solutions you have in place. By placing yourself at the heart of these solutions, this technique also gives you the opportunity to reinforce your authority.







Author: Andrew Ball

Andrew works for a global professional services company supporting business leaders with their communications. He watches as much sport as his wife and three children will allow.

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